Immerse yourself in the authenticity of Colombian culture with Mar de Indias Swimwear, a sustainable brand created by two sisters from Cartagena in 2021 to empower brave women.

Discover the history of Mar de Indias

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Mar de Indias was born in 2021 thanks to two sisters from Cartagena who share the same passion for undertaking, empowering and generating employment for bold, strong and courageous women. We are a sustainable brand, which was created with the intention of highlighting and enhancing the genuine beauty of the Latin American woman through a garment. Each of our pieces is inspired by Colombian culture and roots, accompanied by passion, authenticity, that representative vigor of our women that we want to make shine and be their accomplices. Likewise, hard work done by hand 100% by Colombian hands prevails, with the best quality supplies that guarantee a durable, personalized and exclusive product.

    Why choose us:

  • Sustainable swimwear at affordable prices.
  • We support talent and the national industry.
  • We create jobs and empower the female sex.
  • Durable and exclusive products.

Sustainable Fashion

We use ethical and sustainable materials.

At Mar de Indias, we take our commitment to sustainability and ethics seriously at every stage of the production of our garments. That's why we use ethical and sustainable materials in the creation of each piece, allowing us to minimize our environmental impact and support local communities.

  • Ethical and sustainable materials.
  • Handmade garments by Colombian artisans.
  • Commitment to sustainability and ethics.
  • Sustainable and ethical fashion without sacrificing quality or style.


  • Buy local, Buy Colombian.
  • Buy from a Small Business.
  • Female empowerment.
  • Colombian supplies.
  • Sustainable Fashion!!

Somos Inspiración En Acción

En noviembre de 2023, formamos parte del evento de Voluntarios de la ONU, donde nos unimos a diversos emprendimientos colombianos, los cuales nos encontramos comprometidos en generar cambios positivos en el medio ambiente.

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